PanXChange hemp data reports now on Nucleus195

Nucleus195 and PanXchange bringing greater efficiency to the investment community.

… a client’s ability to contact the data providers directly are very helpful to analysts, especially in the markets that PanXchange covers since they are rapidly evolving …”

— Julie Lerner, PanXchange founder



STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nucleus195 is pleased to announce that PanXchange has joined its ever-growing list of content and data providers network.

“PanXchange is an amazing company,” said Scott Duxbury, Nucleus195 Co-Founder. “Their unique sets of data and information helps all participants and that is in line with the same goals of Nucleus195 in helping all investors get access to the information that they need.”

“I am excited about this partnership with Nucleus195,” said Julie Lerner, PanXchange Founder. “They have a unique platform that clearly caters to market analysts. The video content capabilities, as well as a client’s ability to contact the data providers directly, are very helpful to analysts, especially in the markets that PanXchange covers since they are rapidly evolving and often require a deeper dive than what’s contained in the printed reports..”

Mehdi Sunderji, Nucleus195 Co-Founder, added: “At Nucleus195, we continue to make the process easier for investors and the investment community to consume research, speak with analysts, access corporates, and be educated about what is available in the finance world.”


About Nucleus195
Nucleus195 provides a single access point to the best and most valuable investment ideas and market intelligence from broker-dealers, independent research houses, and research boutiques around the globe. There’s no better platform for gaining knowledge, information, and unique insights for making investment decisions. For all participants, Nucleus195 delivers a fair, efficient, consumption-based, and fully transparent environment for the buying and selling of investment research. Successful investing is not easy but finding the investment research you need should be. For more information, please visit www.nucleus195.com.

About PanXchange
PanXchange is a Price Discovery Platform, not a price reporting agency (PRA) because it is backed by actual physical commodity trade activity, not just reported values which often includes brokers and analysts. PanXchange provides the only institutional-grade trading platform that’s patent-protected and in production in multiple markets, it’s the objective data gleaned from that activity that serves as a foundation for objective price discovery. Specifically, PanXchange is the leading benchmark price provider in the US hemp industry and the defacto benchmark price provider in the 120 million ton specialty sand market for US oil and gas.

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