Nucleus195 Launches Global Distribution Research Platform

Investors Can Find and Buy Research Across Developed, Emerging and Frontier Markets

Stamford, Conn., Sept. 19, 2018 – Nucleus195 today launched its investment research and management platform, allowing investors to have one centralized location for all their
investment research needs.

For decades, investment research costs were opaque and difficult to price fairly. In 2018, the European Union’s MiFID II law upended the industry, triggering steep cuts to research budgets and broad cutbacks in coverage. In a post-MiFID world, research providers play an especially vital role, as long as their product can be quickly distributed and widely accessed at a fair rate of compensation. Using Nucleus195 investors will immediately see the global reach of the platform, which works with content partners, including brokers, boutique research houses and independent research providers worldwide covering all sectors, geographies and disciplines.

“Our platform allows investors to find and purchase the research they need in markets where they want to invest with transparent pricing and technological efficiency,” says Scott Duxbury, who co-founded Nucleus195 with Mehdi Sunderji and Doug Rivelli. The trio has deep experience in global capital markets and sees demystifying research costs and improving investor efficiency as a key feature of the post-MiFID II world. The platform is MiFID II compatible and serves as a complete ecosystem for research management, from creation to distribution and consumption. The Nucleus195 partner network has breadth and depth, with providers offering insight into emerging, developed and frontier markets, with participants from Australia to Zimbabwe:

  • “There’s no doubt that the industry is going through a sea-change, and our presence on the Nucleus195 platform ensures our analysts’ research will be accessible to any investor who seeks it out,” says Gary Esayian, CEO of BCS Global Markets, the global markets and investment banking division of BCS Financial Group, which concentrates on the Russian markets. “We know the market and have boots on the ground here, ensuring reliability and local expertise in our work.”
  • “Investors place a significant value on independent research, and the new regulatory regime points up the need for something like the Nucleus model.” says Metodi Tzanov, Eurozone Regional Head at CEEMarketWatch, a global firm primarily focused on macro and political coverage of emerging markets.
  • “We’re especially pleased to participate in this novel, effective response to changing industry conditions with a partner that fully understands the value of what we produce,” says Cathy Moises, Head of Research at Patersons Australia, which has offices across Australia.

Other founding contributors include Australia’s Everblu Capital, China-focused J Capital Research, special situations and stressed credit specialists The Edge, and Old Mutual Zimbabwe. Users can preview research before purchasing although through certain contributors, such as Edison Investment Research, research is available free of charge. The model also allows for customized research requests, while compliance departments can monitor all associated costs through the transparent pricing module. Payment options include credit card, invoice, or RPA/CSA. Clients can set purchase budgets and it is no cost to join the platform.

For content providers, Nucleus195 is a next-generation platform with everything they need to succeed in today’s evolving research market. Content can be uploaded or created directly to the platform. It offers analytical tools to track global readership and improve sales efficiency.


About Nucleus195

Nucleus195 provides investment professionals with comprehensive access to in-depth global research and content, across developed, emerging and frontier markets. With a strong global infrastructure of on-the-ground local experts, there’s no better platform for gaining knowledge, information, and unique insights for making investment decisions. Nucleus195 allows users to efficiently search for, notate, import, file, and archive relevant content, serving as a comprehensive research management tool. Founded in 2017 by investment and financial technology experts and built by experienced engineers, the platform is simple to navigate, offers transparent pricing, and is MiFID II compatible. For more information, please visit www.nucleus195.com.

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