Nucleus195 announces partnership with TIM, An Acuris Company

Nucleus195 content providers now have access to TIM’s trade idea network    Stamford, Conn., April 16, 2019 – Nucleus195 today announced a strategic partnership with TIM, providing content providers on the Nucleus195 platform the opportunity to profit from their trade idea contributions via the TIM trade idea network.  “I have always been an admirer of


“Research solution in a post MiFID world” – Mehdi Sunderji article

When the European Union enacted the lengthy and complex law known as Mifid II in January this year, the extent of the new regulation’s global reach was unclear. Nearly a year later, one of many effects advisers and other financial professionals have had to adjust to is the accelerated upheaval of the investment research market.


Closing MiFID II’s Research Gap

“While research aggregation has been around in various forms for many years, the Nucleus195 end-to-end ecosystem is a revolutionary idea that we developed last year. There are no other platforms that address every aspect of the research process like Nucleus195”


Nucleus195 launches Global Distribution Platform

“There’s no doubt that the industry is going through a sea-change, and our presence on the Nucleus195 platform ensures our analysts’ research will be accessible to any investor who seeks it out,” says Gary Esayian, CEO of BCS Global Markets


Nucleus195 launches Global Distribution Research Platform

“Our platform allows investors to find and purchase the research they need in markets where they want to invest with transparent pricing and technological efficiency,” says Scott Duxbury, who co-founded Nucleus195 with Mehdi Sunderji and Doug Rivelli.