Join BCS Global Markets and the Moscow Stock Exchange Oct. 1-2 in New York

BCS Global Markets and the Moscow Stock Exchange present an investment overview addressing the fundamentals of the resource-rich market amid a period of worldwide emerging market volatility. BCS Global Markets, a founding content partner of the investment research platform Nucleus195, is a leader in independent research providers in the complex and vast Russian market. The event will feature panel discussions on the macroeconomic outlook for Russia, its energy sector, financial technology and trading in the Russian market. Representatives of 25 leading Russian companies are scheduled to attend, offering direct insights based on long experience.

Investors face a fundamental challenge in categorizing Russia, according to BCS co-head of equities Luis Saenz. While it has some typical emerging market features, such as reliance on exported commodities, particularly oil and gas, and is somewhat underdeveloped, it aging population and relatively low birth rate, give it a demographic profile more like traditional developed markets.

The combination of various sanctions by the United States and some European countries, combined with volatile oil prices, muddies the short-term investment outlook, but Russia retains compelling investment potential. Investors can still succeed there, but to draw worldwide interest, Russian authorities would need to engage in a vigorous international promotional campaign to generate investor interest. While this is second nature in many jurisdictions, Russian efforts are at an early stage.

Join Nucleus195’s content partner and their collaborators at the Moscow Stock Exchange as part of these global efforts. Presentations from senior executives of Russian oil and gas companies, senior government officials and policy makers, corporate leaders and senior buy and sell side representatives will provide industry and regulatory information and advice on trading in Russian markets. Email hello@nucleus195.com for research information and click here for event registration details.