Investment Professionals

An Easy Access Research Solution

The Nucleus195 platform provides investment professionals with access to premier global content and analysts in a centralized environment

Distinctive Global Intelligence and Access

Nucleus195 offers investment professionals access to global research and analysis, including the ability to schedule time with analysts to get the answers you need. With a global network of local experts, it’s the place for uncovering valuable opportunities.

Research Access

Tools for rapid content discovery

Advanced search functionality making it easy to find research on the companies, countries, and industries of interest.
Build a personal interest list to receive email notifications when new research is published on the companies, sectors, countries, and analysts of interest.
Video previews of research feature that provides a synopsis of research for assessment before purchase.
Schedule calls via a MiFID II compatible solution that is transparently priced and gives you access to recordings at any time.
Analyst Comments feature enables supplemental notes and comments from a report’s author after the research is purchased.
The unique Trader Notes feature provides color commentary on companies, sectors and other topics from traders around the world.
The Bespoke Request feature is a fast and easy way to request custom research from all members of the Nucleus195 content provider community.

Research Management

& Budget Setting

A centralized portal for all of your research while tracking your spending

Nucleus195 provides investment professionals with a unified research environment that includes tools for managing content purchased on the platform and imported from external resources.
A free budget tool where you can set a spending limit for your fund and ensure no rogue purchasing of content.
The Notes function enables you to add proprietary commentary to research reports.
A rating function enabling users to assign internal ratings to research to track your spend to rating ratio.
An easy-to-use ‘Idea File’ feature lets users quickly file content in a way that allows for more efficient retrieval and use for investment idea generation.

Research Pricing

A transparent, simplified, and manageable approach

With defined, transparent pricing for individual pieces of research, subscriptions & calls, Nucleus195 is fully compatible with MiFID II requirements and an unbundling world.
Nucleus195 accommodates CSA, RPA, invoicing and credit card transactions.


Controls for ensuring policy adherence

Advanced search functionality including multi-term search make it easy to find research on the companies, countries, and industries of interest.
Tracking and analytics tools provide audit trails for all activities related to research, including who purchased or viewed which reports and when.
The Permissions feature provides controls over who can purchase and access all research on the platform.
Reporting functionality makes it easy to produce scheduled or ad hoc reports on research purchase and consumption.

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