Corporate Solutions

From research coverage, website redesign, IR solutions, c-suite calls, video, and social media management, Nucleus195 offers a one-stop solution for companies.

Some of the side effects of MiFID II regulations have been broker-dealers eliminating research coverage and losing relationships on hundreds of companies. We have put together a combination of technology and research that can help your company continue or grow your exposure to investors globally and overcome the challenges that regulations bring today.

Services & Solutions

Company Sponsored Research

Company-sponsored research allows you to reach new institutional and retail investors. Research on your company can lead to better trading volumes and liquidity, valuations, and lower share price volatility. Nucleus195 has a variety of experienced company-sponsored authors to choose from to write reports on your company.

Website Refreshment

Many companies have plans to develop their corporate website to improve visibility to investors. See how our partners’ broad experience across multiple industries can achieve your goals.

Professional Video

Around 75% of executives will watch work-related videos at least once a week, so why don’t you let us produce a video for you to promote your company or to have on your website.

Interactive Capabilities

With our partner Blingby, you can use video to enhance research, investor roadshows, investor announcements, and conferences to improve decision-maker access and engagement. You control the narrative, design, and video content is amplified. Meta-content is made accessible through an interactive stream and precise user to content analytics on a meta-content to user basis enhances insight into viewer content receptivity and knowledge-seeking pattern.

Social Media Management

More than 3 billion people are using social networks globally. It helps build brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and boost sales and exposure. Our team provides a practical solution to grow an organic following and simplify the world of social media.

C-Suite and Earnings Call

Use our video and call capabilities so that institutional investors have a line of communication with you. Set your calendar and accept call requests in a MiFID II compatible platform.

IR Introduction

Different Investor Relations firms have different strengths. Geography, client base, sector specialty, technology, and experience are some factors to choose from. Our IR partners have everything that you are looking for.

AI Campaigns

Our partner JSU Solutions offers an Artificial Intelligence growth solution that creates psychological and empathic links with targets, identifying new untapped customer segments & data profiles, encouraging them to convert at a much higher percentage at the maximum yield.

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