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Nucleus195 is a next-generation research platform giving content providers everything they need to succeed in an unbundling research environment. It includes global exposure, video promotional tools, distribution, analyst call capabilities, defined pricing, and an array of easy-to-use administrative functions.

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Built-in video capabilities, enabling providers to upload video previews of reports increasing your audience.
Analyst Comments feature makes it easy to post comments related to published content and coverage areas and tag them to relevant research reports.
The Trader Notes feature enables traders at sell-side firms to add local insights and market commentary on companies, sectors or markets.
The Research Request feature enables research providers to view and respond to bespoke research requests.
Analyst Call capabilities allowing you to set your own schedule and pricing for calls with clients in a MiFID II compatible environment.

Research Distribution

Features that Multiply Your Audience and Focus Sales Efforts

A global audience of investment professionals instantly expands reach beyond providers’ existing base of clients.
An Analytics module provides insight into readership, conversion rates and search exposure to inform research modifications and improve sales efficiency and focus.
A single, centralized platform aggregates all distribution activities so they can be easily managed and tracked.
Leverage opportunities in Nucleus195 to showcase your content and build awareness of your brand across the global investment community.

Pricing and Payments

A Structure Bringing Clarity and Measurability to Your Revenue Generation

Defined, transparent pricing is compatible with MiFID II regulations.
Built-in, secure transaction capabilities enable payments to be accepted, processed, and managed directly within the platform.
Financial reporting features allow real-time sales and revenue tracking.

Alpha Capture

Monetize your trade ideas and create a track record

Through a strategic partnership with TIM, an Acuris company, content providers have the opportunity to profit from their trade idea contributions.

Content Providers

Providers Overview Reports
51 Percent We employ a dynamic, multi-disciplinary approach combining traditional valuation methods and economic principles, with concepts specific to decentralized systems. We focus on projects that differentiate themselves with a clear value proposition, path to adoption, and strong underlying economics to support pro-forma modeling. Access Their Research
Abacus Research LLP Independent, trustworthy, in-depth investment research and analysis is hard to come by. Our extensive analysis provides you with differentiated and compelling research on the risks and potential reward for companies we look into. Our perfomance history speaks for itself. Once you read an Abacus report you will not look back. Access Their Research
AQIS Insight AQIS Insight provides market intelligence, research, and probabilistic forecasts for returns across indices, sectors, factors, and individual securities. Utilizing proprietary models with statistically significant forecasting power and a track record extending to 2007, AQIS offers investors objective tools for optimizing portfolio exposures, understanding what positioning is most favorable in the current market regime, and reviewing actionable trade and investment ideas and themes for investors in the global equity markets. Access Their Research
Aztlan Capital AZTLAN Equity Management, LLC is an independent investment adviser specializing in global small and mid cap Equity strategies. AZTLAN was founded in 2016 and is an exempt reporting adviser registered in the state of Virginia; we have presence in Monterrey, Mexico and Hong Kong. Our firm manages individual funds as well as separately managed accounts across two discrete strategies: Emerging and Frontier (EMF) and Developed Markets (DM) Access Their Research
BCS Global BCS Financial Group is an independent financial institution providing a full range of services for institutional and retail customers. Established in 1995, the company provides brokerage, investment banking, asset management, custody and advisory services. Thanks to implementation of a reasonable development strategy, use of innovative technologies and involvement of high-class experts, BCS has become a leading Russian investment and brokerage company. The company has more than 4,500 employees working in more than 130 offices and representative offices. We offer our client’s easy market access through solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. Providing exclusive investment banking services to professional investors, BCS is well positioned to partner with its clients and provide them with access to the complete range of BCS Financial Group services, including the latest technologies and bespoke trading solutions for both Russian and global markets. Access Their Research
Bond Angle LLC Vicki Bryan's Bond Angle provides insightful commentary and analysis on high yield bond markets and market movers, including financial, economic, and industry catalysts, with a keen eye for management foibles and shenanigans. Vicki has 25 years in investment management and research, primarily in high yield markets. Before founding Bond Angle in 2017, she spent 10 years with NYC-based independent bond research Gimme Credit LLC and 12 years on the buy-side as Partner/VP with AIM Investment Manager (now Invesco). Access Their Research
CEEMarketwatch CEEMarketWatch is a subscription-based provider of news and analysis with a focus on macroeconomics and politics in Emerging Markets and the Euro Area periphery. We cover more than 50 countries in CEE, MENA, SSA, LatAm and the Euro Area on a daily basis. We add value to the news with local knowledge derived from local contributors. Clients appreciate our views and the continuous, personalized access to our diverse team of economists. Our clients include the vast majority of banking EM desks, international financial institutions and central banks, credit rating agencies and some of the world’s major asset managers. Access Their Research
Chart Smarter Doug is currently the founder of chartsmarter.com. He is an independent sell side equity research analyst with a focus on technical analysis. Doug has performed a diverse number of functions during his 30 years on Wall Street including market making, prop and foreign securities trading. He has held the CMT designation for 4 years now, and was a formerly nationally ranked tennis player. Access Their Research
Creative Global Investment The expertise, the commitment and the resources we offer to our clients are of an exceptional level. Our team combines over 250 years of experience in global financial investment research, consulting and marketing, fund raising, fund consulting/advisory, managing funds, managing fund of funds, corporate venture advisory, and investment consulting. We communicate in over 8 languages with our global clients. With offices in the United States, the UK and Europe, our team members are well situated to respond to our global clients needs. We invest time with our clients to ascertain their exact needs, structure and their market positioning. Our customers recognize the benefits of a strategic partnership with us. Being independent enables us to give our customers a more objective service and a level of integrity that is a hallmark of our organization. We offer a multitude of creative solutions and performance enhancements to our strategic partners. Our clients include top US and European mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, hedge funds, alternative assets managers and private money managers. Access Their Research
Curation Corp Increasing concern about sustainability from shareholders, regulators, customers and now employees has reached a tipping point, creating an unprecedented era of risk and opportunity for the corporate world. Against this backdrop, we have released a next generation ESG risk monitoring solution for all things environmental, social and governance related. Curation will help you effortlessly follow the themes and trends that drive your investments and help you surface new opportunities. Access Their Research
Datastoxx Datastoxx is a data acquisition and aggregation company. We identify, collect, process, and analyze disparate alternative data sources producing powerful, high-cadence research tools for investment companies and corporations. Access Their Research
Day Trade Ideas Daily technical analysis & trade signals covering FX, index futures, commodities & fixed income. Access Their Research
Delphi Digital Digital assets and decentralized networks have the potential to redefine the relationship between innovators, investors, and users in unprecedented ways. This paradigm shift can usher in a new wave of value creation, but with these opportunities comes a host of unique risks as well. We recognize a one-size-fits-all approach may be inadequate to comprehensively assess the nuances present in this ever-changing space. We seek to produce unbiased, actionable content for our clients. Access Their Research
Disruptive Tech Research Disruptive Tech Research combines hype cycles of technology adoption with patent filing activity, uses a top-down/bottom-up approach to pinpoint the most timely technology trends and the most promising individual investments. Access Their Research
Economatica With over 30 years of experience developing systems for investment analysis, Economatica's mission is to continue building cutting-edge tools that generate the necessary insights and analytics to make solid investment decisions. We strive to produce the best processes for collecting and maintaining data you can trust and count on. By providing the most accurate and timely information on the financial markets, we help investors make better investment decisions with our cloud-based platform. Access Their Research
ECR Research ECR is privately owned and strictly independent. ECR Research has no investment or trading activities. Our sole aim is to provide you with research and advice to best suit your needs. We strive to offer a clever research solution for time-pressed decision makers. A one-stop-shop that allows you to spend more time with clients and on your other core activities. Whether you are bombarded with information or find it difficult to find quality analysis to help with forming a view on the markets, staying up to speed is not an easy task. Too little time and conflicting opinions as well as complex market developments are just a few of the obstacles that probably sound all too familiar. Access Their Research
Edison Research Edison Group is an investment research, investor relations and consulting firm with offices in North America, Europe, and AsiaPac. The heart of Edison is our world-renowned equity research platform and deep multi-sector expertise. At Edison Investment Research, our research is widely read by international investors, advisors and stakeholders. Edison Advisors leverages our core research platform to provide differentiated services including investor relations and strategic consulting. Access Their Research
Elana ELANA Trading analysts offer research reports on the events and trends on the Bulgarian stock market, in-depth analyses of the blue chips on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, monthly stock picks, focus reports with valuations and recommendations on corporate earnings, current IPOs and SPOs, Bulgarian macroeconomic overviews and forecasts, analyses of various sectors of Bulgarian economy as well as overview reports. Access Their Research
Equity Analytica Content Coming Soon. Access Their Research
Everblu Capital EverBlu’s research philosophy is based on analysing the fundamental value of a company – it means you look at the returns you’d expect to receive over the lifetime of ownership. By applying this same method to all stocks the unified valuation methodology allows stocks in different sectors to be readily compared. Access Their Research
Fairlead Strategies At Fairlead Strategies we employ a systematic approach to technical analysis focused on the identification of important trends and support and resistance levels. Our tools facilitate tactical market timing and positioning in a welcome complement to fundamental research. We are valued for our tactical insights that come from listening to the markets, and we are known for delivering research that is clear, concise, and actionable. It is our goal to be additive to our clients’ investment process by helping them discover opportunities and incorporate our methodology for a directional bias and risk management. Access Their Research
First Capital Sector expertise and client focus help us craft objective capital market solutions. We navigate through complex strategic and financial issues to offer bespoke advisory services. Our market making, trading and placement efforts enable clients to wholly access the investor base guaranteeing successful execution of capital raising transactions. We are particularly recognized for industry-leading transactions executed on the fixed income platform in recent years. Our investment products are fully complemented by unique insight, regional reach and leading research presence. Access Their Research
Fundamental Research Corp Since 2003, Fundamental Research Corp has provided the highest institutional quality equity research coverage on over 368 small and micro cap public companies. Since 2009, we have also issued over 135 reports on private companies. We believe that by focusing on underfollowed companies, we can gain an analytical edge. We do not want to be the 20th+ analyst covering Wal-Mart. Our goal from the beginning was to provide high quality research to a broad audience, while adhering to high ethical standards and a strong foundation of integrity. These principles are evident in everything we do. We focus on micro and small caps in the technology, cannabis, mining, real estate and structured lending industries. We also cover private companies and special situations. Access Their Research
Galliano's Latin Notes Victor is an experienced sell-side analyst on banks equities research, specializing in Latin America and Southern Europe, with in-depth knowledge of banks and non-bank financials. Before starting Galliano's Investment Research Victor held senior analys roles at Barclays, HSBC, BBVA & Barings. Access Their Research
Global Data The world is becoming more complex, uncertain, and fast-moving than ever before, which is why GlobalData exists. Our mission is to help our clients decode the future to be more successful and innovative. We create trusted intelligence on the world’s largest industries by leveraging our unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions. Easily-accessible and fully-integrated into one platform, our Intelligence Center solution helps companies, government organisations, and industry professionals make faster, more informed decisions. Access Their Research
Golomt Capital Golomt Securities LLC provides timely and efficient execution of domestic and global securities transactions while concurrently providing insightful advisory service based upon our unique proprietary research and analysis. We have a physical seat on the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) as well as trade access to all major international stock exchanges and over-the-counter markets through our longstanding correspondent relationships with many of the world's leading banking institutions. Our services offer the most comprehensive financial solutions to investors and companies seeking financing by taking a holistic approach that combines the strength of Golomt Bank's investment banking services and market research expertise as well as Golomt Securities LLC's state of the art trade execution capabilities and superior service standards. Access Their Research
Hardman & Co Hardman & Co is a corporate research & consultancy business, based in London, serving the needs of both public and private companies. We help companies connect with interested investors, by producing quality investment research, distributing it broadly, and organising investor meetings. We excel at understanding companies, to enable them to build long-term relationships with the investment community. Our expert analyst team has an average of 25+ years of experience with specialist expertise in multiple sectors. Access Their Research
Ismail Iqbal Securities Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited (IISPL), with its inception in the year 2004, became a Corporate Member of the Karachi Stock Exchange. Today, IISPL is counted in the top 10 brokerage houses of the country and is responsible for 3.5% - 4% of the average daily volume of the ready and 10% - 15% of the future Equity market. Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited (IISPL) has become a household name in a relatively short span of time. Access Their Research
ITI Capital Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since 2005, ITI Capital is a brokerage house offering an in-house developed trading platform which is scalable and reliable, affording a range of market access routes for clients to confidently have their trading strategies serviced and supported, whether they be low latency high frequency traders, or individuals who value individual attention. Our customers include sophisticated private clients, proprietary trading firms, institutional investors and corporate clients. Access Their Research
J&T Banka J&T Banka, a.s., is a private bank offering a wide range of services. The Research Department of J&T Banka, a.s. provides equity, fixed income and macroeconomic research, weekly reviews and market news. J&T Banka, a.s., is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Access Their Research
KASB Securities Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities (Private) Limited is a TREC Holder (Trading Rights Certificate) of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It is regulated and authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The company is a part of the KASB Group, which is the oldest capital markets business in Pakistan. The KASB Group was established in 1952 by Mr. Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari. The Group has business interests in diversified areas such as financial services, agriculture, education, and real estate. As one of the oldest capital markets business in Pakistan, KASB Group has played an instrumental role in Pakistan’s capital markets and has been responsible for bringing in more than $10bn of global capital into the country. Access Their Research
Key Reef Financial, LLC Key Reef Financial, LLC, based in Miami, Florida, is an independent equity and credit research firm focused primarily on US small-cap equities and small-issue size corporate bonds with little to no analyst coverage. Key Reef Financial offers research reports of covered companies to institutional investors. We produce detailed Comprehensive Research Reports on the companies and securities we cover. In addition, we issue Update Reports every quarter and/or when a significant corporate event occurs. Included with our reports is our availability to answer questions from clients by appointment. A Comprehensive Research Report includes the following: Executive Summary — market snapshot, valuations, and recommendations; Company Business Model and Industry Analysis; Analysis of Business Segments; Detailed Recommendations; Fundamental Analysis; Financial Model consisting of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow with Projections. Access Their Research
La Jolla Economics Inc. Top down global macroeconomic analysis combining classic economic principles and modern portfolio theory. Victor is an experienced chairman with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry.He has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Economics from University of Chicago. Access Their Research
Larrain Vial LarrainVial’s Research Department has a vital role in delivering high quality, fundamental analysis of economies and markets in Chile, Colombia, and Peru. Our Research team is composed of 17 analysts who cover the following sectors: Basic Materials, Industrials, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Telecommunications, Utilities, Financials, and Technology. The Research Department has been recognized for the quality of its analyses on various occasions. Access Their Research
Latin News LatinNews was founded in London in 1967 to provide expert political, economic, and security analysis on Latin America and the Caribbean. LatinNews was acquired by Intelligence Research Ltd in 2003. Access Their Research
Left Brain Investment Research Our Reports and articles are focused on high return opportunities, and they’re designed for anyone seeking strong returns. We are long-term investors focused on big opportunities—which often leads us to growth stocks and high yield bonds. Unlike Wall Street sell side research (where the analyst typically tries to fit the company’s reported numbers to her model), we’re looking for growth stocks that can double within 2-3 years Access Their Research
Litchfield Hills Research Litchfield Hills Research is a provider who does sponsored research on global markets, but focuses mainly on the following sectors: Energy, Industrial Goods & Services, Construction Materials, Technology, Telecommunication, and Consumer Goods & Services. Access Their Research
Michael Kovacocy Expert in the application of corporate finance, macro/micro/monetary economic and accounting principles. In particular, for the valuation, trade and identification of key value levers for Equity/debt securities and currencies/cryptos. Proven stock picking skills. Long and short. Experienced in the development of detailed theses based on various drivers. Short theses include themes such as accounting anomalies and potential restatements, strategic positioning, operational performance, debt burden and debt dynamics, etc. Access Their Research
Ned Davis Research Ned Davis Research helps investors make better decisions with unbiased, insightful and risk appropriate market and global economic data and analysis. In 1980, Ned Davis founded a new investment research group based on his fundamental belief that making money was more important than being right. This belief drove a passion for analysis and the market and allowed the group to evolve to be one of the largest independent institutional investment research providers in the market. Today we are widely recognized for concise commentary and unbiased views. We offer investors insight into forces driving the markets. Ned Davis Research is headquartered in Venice, Florida, with offices in Atlanta, Boston, London, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Access Their Research
Newton Advisors As Greywolf’s former Chief Technical Analyst, Mark has more than 20 years of buy and sell-side experience in the financial services industry. He formerly worked with Diamondback Capital Management, where he served as a technical analyst and portfolio manager, and prior to that, with Morgan Stanley in New York City as their technical strategist. His expertise is primarily in using advanced methods of technical analysis to identify stocks, Commodity/Foreign Exchange, and currencies with above-average risk/reward characteristics that can maximize returns and minimize risk. In addition to employing standard technical tools to identify trend duration, relative strength, and momentum, Mr. Newton utilizes counter-trend analysis to identify potential trend exhaustion and reversals of trend. He appears frequently on CNBC’s The Closing Bell, BNN, FOX Business News, along with Yahoo Finance. Access Their Research
NM Advisors Content Coming Soon. Access Their Research
Off Wall Street Off Wall Street seeks to improve client portfolio performance through advice and recommendations. Stocks recommended for sale often have relatively high valuations and/or deteriorating fundamentals, and are expected to have negative earnings surprises. When recommended for purchase, these stocks generally generate substantial cash flow, and have a catalyst for a substantial increase in price. All research has a contrary bent. Off Wall Street has an extraordinary track record of outstanding fundamental Equity research. Its recommendations have been right about 75% of the time since inception. Off Wall Street's short portfolio has consistently outperformed an S&P 500 Index Short. Access Their Research
Old Mutual Purpose: To help our customers thrive by enabling them to achieve their lifetime financial goals, while investing their funds in ways that will create a positive future for them, their families, their communities and broader society. Vision: To be Africa’s premier financial services company where we have deep roots, strong relationships and an intimate understanding of retail and consumer markets and our customers’ needs. Access Their Research
One Bloom Corporation With its global network and based on trust from companies in various industries and from consumers and clients in each region and nation, our Onebloom Corporation engages in multifaceted business activities by making the most of its Corporate Strength. These business activities include sales and marketing of a variety of products and services within Japan and in international market, import and export, international trilateral trade, intermediate trade, domestic and international business investment and business management, and related practical international (cross-border) business solution and business development and operational services. Access Their Research
Owl Analytics OWL Analytics is an alternative data company that focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research. We help investors integrate ESG data into their investment solutions with the goal of delivering enhanced investment results and positive social impact compared to benchmarks. Access Their Research
Oxford Frontier Oxford Frontier focuses on emerging technologies and frontier markets. We believe these markets are less understood and under researched. Within technology, we focus on fintech, quantum computing, the blockchain and cryptoeconomy, AI and digitalization. Our team has deep experience ranging from hands on creating and building technologies and direct investments and investment advisory. Access Their Research
Patersons Patersons is one of Australia’s premier financial services firms. Our hard-earned reputation for integrity and advisory expertise had led to our clients entrusting us with over $13b in funds under management and administration. We’re also a private company, 75% owned by our Advisers and staff. Access Their Research
Rareview Macro Rareview Macro seeks to bring a “rare view” to investment challenges. They place value on being able to see across asset classes, discover new opportunities, identify hidden risk, and spot impending danger. They call this perspective Sight Beyond Sight®. Rareview Macro’s focuses on the cross-section of the four global macro pillars – strategy, economic, geopolitical, and technicals – and portfolio construction, risk mitigation, and idea generation. The company was founded in 2013 by Neil Azous, the Chief Investment Officer of Rareview Capital, an affiliated registered investment advisor. Neil has more than two decades of multi-asset and global macro experience. On Wall Street, his career included roles at Goldman Sachs, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, and UBS Investment Bank, where his responsibilities comprised of trading credit and equity derivatives, hedging solutions, asset allocation and fundamental securities analysis. He speaks at conferences and is regularly featured in media. Access Their Research
Sennett Capital Sennett Capital Advisors is an independent research provider that publishes research on various independent research platforms. Specialization areas are i) Equity Strategy, ii) FX Technicals and iii) Real Estate. FX Technicals - We primarily seek to provide timely calls mainly on FX majors as well as other currency pairs, with a focus on short term trading opportunities augmented with market updates to investors on a regular basis. Equity Strategy - We also write on standalone equity strategy pieces, as well as highlight to investors interesting stock ideas from time to time with individual equity coverage pieces. Real Estate - We also specialize in the real estate alternative asset class, providing standalone/bespoke coverage on real estate deals, thematic pieces or market updates. Access Their Research
Seven Days Ahead Seven Days Ahead specialises in providing technical analysis for financial, stock and Commodity/Foreign Exchange market forecasting. Our technical trading analysis includes specific trade recommendations and trading strategies for stock markets in the UK and the rest of the world. In addition, we have a forex forecasting service. Access Their Research
Shrey Bhandari An independent research writing & consulting professional with experience across sectors such as Financial Services, Energy, Materials and Telecom. Have worked with some top brands including companies affiliated to Standard & Poor's and Moody's. Access Their Research
SSR LLC SSR LLC is a differentiated investment research platform built to provide our clients with actionable investment ideas derived from anomalies identified while reseearching and analyzing a broad range of interrelated industries. Access Their Research
Stockcube Stockcube is one of the world's leading providers of independent financial research. Our analytical services have been used by institutional and private clients for over forty years and cover all investment classes including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currencies and Commodity/Foreign Exchange. We bring together a broad range of analytical and technical disciplines. Our indicators and techniques are recognised as industry standard and used by investors across the globe. Stockcube's divisions and subsidiaries publish over 60 pieces of individual research each week. Access Their Research
TABB Group TABB Group has been helping business leaders gain a truer understanding of financial markets issues to develop actionable roadmaps and approaches to future growth. By accurately assessing their customer base, competition, and key market opportunities, TABB Group works with senior industry leaders to make critical decisions about their business. TABB Group focuses our industry knowledge into practical application to provide clients with unparalleled insight into the Securities and Investment Management industry segments, with experience in the various sectors including derivatives, Equity, foreign exchange and the bond markets. Access Their Research
The Edge Group Est. 2005, The Edge provides deep level intelligence and analysis into Spinoffs, Special Situations and Stressed Credit on a Global basis. History has proven that this has enabled its partners to beat the index and ultimately protect and grow their assets. Access Their Research
The IDEA The Idea-Driven Equity Analyses company (the IDEA!) is an employee-owned independent research provider with a clear focus on the Netherlands and listed Dutch companies in particular. The IDEA! differentiates itself from the traditional players by adding value through unique idea-driven and bespoke research instead of focusing on maintenance products. Access Their Research
Tigress FP We are a financial firm providing expertize in capital markets, credit facilities, investment banking, research, corporate access, asset management, global wealth management, corporate advisory and trade execution services. We are specialized in international and offshore financial services including facilitating international origination, international trade execution, Global Markets Access, NYSE Floor Access, offshore transaction services and multi country distribution. Access Their Research
TIM Group TIM Group is the world’s largest trade ideas network. We specialise in the electronic distribution of trade ideas and investment recommendations through our independent platform (TIM). Access Their Research
Tower Hudson We offer bespoke company screening, due diligence, exit analysis, pre-IPO sponsored equity research, and more, focused on the private equity and M&A industry. By an experienced multi-disciplinary team of industry and financial analysts. With a global perspective and capability. We provide what you need, when you need it. With an on-demand and bespoke service. We are cost-effective, timely, and thorough. Client confidentiality is key to us. We work only for you. We offer a unique bridge between your in-house research capability and the expense of a full-service management consultant or investment bank. Access Their Research
Triad TRIAD Research Group uses up-to-date technology and comprehensive research services to provide you with information you need to strengthen your business or organization. Access Their Research
Uniter The success of a business and a project directly depends on the availability of timely and relevant information on how the market is developing and where it is going. For over 15 years, UNITER Investment company has been preparing market research of industries and markets both in the Republic of Belarus and in neighboring countries. Access Their Research
Valuengine ValuEngine.com (VE) is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by Ivy League finance academics. VE utilizes the most advanced quantitative techniques and analysis available. Our research team continues to develop, test, and improve the VE Stock Valuation Models and econometric models for forecasting stock price movement. In recent years, VE has expanded its research program to include portfolio construction and tracking products. Our primary products are this website for individual investors and ValuEngine Institutional (VEI), a software package for Equity fund managers and other financial professionals. Access Their Research
Vesel Vesel's simple, effective data portal makes it easier for participants to source options liquidity - so you get the highest quality execution.  Use Vesel's data to identify the most active dealers in a security. || Delivering the transparency you deserve. Access Their Research
Xallarap Advisory Xallarap Advisory is an investment research firm specializing in macroeconomic analysis and investment strategy for financial advisors, sophisticated investors, and independent thinkers. Access Their Research
Zero One We produce investment research on listed and private technology companies leveraging insights gleaned from the leading edge of startup innovation. | Mining our deep industry experience and network, we advise on finance strategy, investments, and capital raising. | We're a "force multiplier" for your executive team, providing advice, financial consulting, and investor management services. We either support your existing CFO or offer a complete CFO solution. Access Their Research

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