Content Providers

A Superior Platform for Distribution,
Promotion and Sales Success

By automating and streamlining key tasks, Nucleus195 helps content providers stay focused on their research, while connecting them to a global audience of investment professionals and providing actionable analytics that help maximize revenues

The Turnkey Solution

Nucleus195 is a next-generation research platform that gives content providers everything they need to succeed in today’s evolving research market. It includes global exposure, promotional tools, distribution, sales management capabilities, defined pricing for revenue visibility, and an array of easy-to-use workflow management and administrative functions.

More Than Just Research Reports

Tools for Refining Your Ideas and Bringing Them Forward

Built-in tools to centralize work materials, enabling providers to upload research reports and other externally created files.

An Analyst Comments feature making it easy to post comments related to published content and coverage areas and tag them to relevant research reports.

The Trader Notes feature enables traders at sell-side firms to add local insights and market commentary on companies, sectors or markets.

The Request Research feature supports business development efforts by enabling research providers to view and respond to bespoke research requests that have been posted on the platform.

Content Tagging features make it easy to tag reports with keywords and metadata to maximize exposure in searches.

Research Distribution

Features that Multiply Your Audience and Focus Sales Efforts

A global audience of investment professionals instantly expands reach beyond providers’ existing base of clients.
An Analytics module provides insight into readership, conversion rates and search exposure to inform research modifications and improve sales efficiency and focus.
A single, centralized platform aggregates all distribution activities so they can be easily managed and tracked.
Leverage opportunities in Nucleus195 to showcase your content and build awareness of your brand across the global investment community.

Pricing and Payments

A Structure that Brings Clarity and Measurability to Your Revenue Generation

Hard-dollar pricing of research eliminates valuation guesswork and ensures revenue capture.
Defined, transparent pricing is compatible with MiFID II regulations.
Built-in, secure transaction capabilities enable payments to be accepted, processed, and managed directly within the platform.
Financial reporting features allows real-time sales and revenue tracking.

Sales Management

Toolbox for managing and enhancing your business

Business intelligence features capture and report on research consumption trends to help inform strategic and tactical business development decisions.

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