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What we do

Nucleus195 is bringing radical change to the interaction between investment managers and research providers worldwide. The innovative Nucleus195 platform eliminates workflow gaps and inefficiencies and provides a vibrant ecosystem for the brightest content producers in developed, emerging, and frontier markets, and the investment professionals who consume it.

The Nucleus195 platform provides access to global research coverage and exceptionally strong emerging and frontier market offerings. With insightful research from major brokers, large independent houses, and research boutiques, Nucleus195 delivers the uncommon ideas and insights that investors need.

For Investment Professionals

Nucleus195 provides streamlined ways to access and manage the best and most valuable investment ideas and market intelligence from local experts

For Content Providers

Nucleus195 offers a platform for distribution, management and promotion of you and your content.

For All Participants

Nucleus195 delivers an efficient, consumption-based, and fully transparent environment for buying, selling and extracting the fair value from investment research.


Nucleus195 traces its origins back to when the founders worked together at a U.S.-based “chaperone” broker where they facilitated distribution of global market research. Confronted every day with the problems of the traditional research model, they knew there was a better way.

They envisioned a platform with more fairness,
efficiency and transparency for all participants.

Another driver was MiFID II, European regulations that would force major changes in the ways research is consumed and paid for throughout the industry. The founders knew that independent content providers would need a better distribution and compensation solution, as would global market brokers.

They envisioned a platform with more fairness, efficiency and transparency for all participants. But the founders wanted more, an entirely new dimension of value. They wanted investors to be able to collaborate with research providers and find alpha in uncommon knowledge and unusual places. That meant creating a platform where it would be easy for investment professionals to find distinctive, locally insightful content produced by analysts from often-overlooked corners of the globe.

Changing how global research is
created, distributed, managed and consumed.

With these guiding concepts, Nucleus195 was born. Equally beneficial for investment professionals and content providers, this next-generation platform is changing how global research is distributed, managed and consumed.

The Mission

Nucleus195’s mission is to build a vibrant ecosystem for both producers and consumers of global investment research.

For investment managers, the platform provides comprehensive access and efficient management of global research that’s informed by local expertise and color.

For content producers, the platform helps them to build awareness for their offerings. It provides more extensive distribution, and more equitable, transparent compensation for their work products.

In short, Nucleus195 is building a place where both content providers and investment professionals can maximize their opportunities and success through the fair, transparent, and efficient exchange of distinctive content. It’s the go-to place for unique ideas and valuable insights that are hard to find elsewhere.

Captured Markets

Developed Markets

Factor of size, wealth, and industrialized economies put these markets in this top category. They feature high GDP, high per capita income, built-out infrastructures, and solid capital markets. While the risks are generally lower than in the emerging and frontier categories, these are well-travelled markets. That can make it difficult for investors to find the major growth opportunities they need. 

To win in these markets, investors need access to the best content and insights for exceptional and differentiated content providers, including top independent research firms, boutique shops, and individual analysts. That’s exactly what they get with Nucleus195.

Emerging Markets

Rapid population growth and increasing productivity are the central themes of every emerging market story. These high-growth scenarios often present investment opportunities that are too big to ignore.

But risks are also a reality in emerging markets. Items such as labor issues, materials shortages, and changing regulation arise quickly and trip up even the most careful investors.

These risks can be mitigated, however, with local knowledge, keen observations, and real-time updates from in-country. That’s why Nucleus195 has focused so much of its energy and resources on building out its unparalleled Emerging Markets research infrastructure.

Nucleus195 is the source for emerging market intel for investors who want to capitalize on the growth while sidestepping the risks.

Frontier Markets

Frontier markets aren’t large enough to qualify as emerging markets. High on the risk/reward scale, these markets aren’t for the faint of heart.

The risks are unlike those in more developed markets, and things tend to change quickly in frontier markets.

To win in these markets, investors need the best intelligence from local experts – people who know these markets and can spot developments and trends earlier than others.

These local experts form the foundation of Nucleues195’s Frontier Markets offering. With their in-depth business experience and cultural knowledge of these markets, these analysts and researchers keep watch over relevant developments in these fast-moving markets.

Meet The Team

Scott Duxbury

Co-Founder and Managing Member

Scott Duxbury is keenly aware of the important role research plays in various phases of investment processes. He gained that familiarity during his 25+ years of experience in trading and advising on global equities in Australia, Europe, and the U.S.

Prior to founding Nucleus195, Scott ran the Emerging European trading desk in New York for Merrill Lynch, was head trader in New York for Rencap, launched the U.S. trading desk for Berenberg Capital Markets and was a Managing Director for Auerbach Grayson. To his role at Nucleus195, Scott brings long-standing relationships with many institutions and broker-dealers worldwide, and in-depth experience in emerging and frontier markets.

Mehdi Sunderji

Co-Founder and Managing Member

To his role at Nucleus195, Mehdi Sunderji brings his 20+ years of successful investment industry experience gained in London and New York. He spent the first part of his career in London, working for Instinet, Deutsche Bank and eventually becoming a founding partner of Execution Noble.

In 2003, he left London to help open the US office for Execution Noble which was acquired in 2011 by Banco Espírito Santo. Subsequent to that he was a Partner at Atlantic Equities, Head of International Sales Trading at MKM Partners and a managing director for Auerbach Grayson.

Throughout the industry, Mehdi is recognized and respected for his extensive experience in developed and emerging markets in both operational and front office capacities.

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