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The future of investment research creation, distribution, management and consumption.

Introducing the Nucleus195 Platform

With its unmatched array of market specialists and collaboration tools, Nucleus195 is the place to uncover unique investment opportunities and extract maximum value from all your research

The Nucleus195 platform attracts top content providers and investors from around the world.


Nucleus195 streamlines access to the best and most valuable investment ideas and market intelligence from local experts.

  • Research access tools for rapid content discovery
  • Centralize and manage research assets
  • Transparent, simplified, and manageable pricing
  • Compliance controls for ensuring policy adherence
  • Administrative tools for measuring and analyzing the business


Nucleus195 offers a full suite of advanced yet easy-to-use tools for research creation, distribution, and management – all at no cost.

  • Content creation tools for refining your ideas
  • Research distribution features that multiply your audience and focus sales efforts
  • Pricing structure that brings clarity and measurability to your revenue generation
  • Compliance guard rails for ensuring that content production adheres to policies
  • Sales Management Toolbox for managing and enhancing your business

Equally beneficial for investment professionals and content providers, this next-generation platform is changing how global research is created, distributed, managed and consumed.

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October 18, 2018News
FT Advisor

“Research solution in a post MiFID world” – Mehdi Sunderji article

When the European Union enacted the lengthy and complex law known as Mifid II in January this year, the extent of the new regulation’s global reach was unclear. Nearly a year later, one of many effects advisers and other financial professionals have had to adjust to is the accelerated upheaval of the investment research market.

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April 12, 2019Blog
Scott Duxbury

Nucleus195 Pro Insights – Episode 2: Pakistan’s KASB Securities

We spent 15 minutes with Ali Farid Khwaja from Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities Pvt Ltd to get his views on the Pakistan market and his top pick for the rest of the year.    

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September 19, 2018Press
Scott Duxbury

Nucleus195 Launches Global Distribution Research Platform

Investors Can Find and Buy Research Across Developed, Emerging and Frontier Markets...

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